Ceetak EU B.V.

Ceetak EU B.V.

Ceetak EU B.V.

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Industrieweg 16

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We are the Engineered Sealing Solutions Specialists, working with you to solve all your sealing needs. Our core strength is our exceptional engineering expertise and product knowledge; we support your engineers with a complete seal design service from start to finish. We provide design optimisation through Finite Element Analysis (FEA) simulation, housing design review, and mould flow analyses for finished products and demanding tolerance conditions

We have a varied range of products; from general purpose O-rings to intricately designed seals for the most demanding of applications. Our range of specialist materials include the Perfrez® range, suitable for Sub-Fab applications and associated hardware. They are suitable for the most aggressive chemical media including alkaline, acids, solvents, and gases, and are often required to perform at extreme temperatures.

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